Run the Call saves $1,000’s and reduces risk by using web data extraction helps Run the Call streamline their vetting process to continually keep their attorney database current and accurate

Run the Call

Run the Call provides legal professionals a platform of on-demand services to extend their practice, including a pool of licensed attorneys to cover court calls for routine matters. A trip to the courthouse for a short hearing takes an attorney out of the office and opportunity costs can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars, depending on travel time and wait time.

Run the Call’s platform connects attorneys who wish to request coverage for these types of situations, with those have indicated they are available and willing to accomplish these tasks. The Run the Call application automatically sends incoming requests to the “coverage attorneys” who are positioned the closest to the hearing courthouse. The service includes full reporting, secure in-app messaging, and the ability to rate individual coverage attorneys.

Currently there is no central database or directory of attorneys, so Run the Call uses web data extraction to query every website listing of attorneys across the country including contact information and authorization to practice law. extracts the data to a spreadsheet that allows Run the Call to maintain an up-to-the minute database of verified (in good standing) attorneys who can help. The company also knows immediately if an attorney falls out of good standing upon refreshing the saved query in import, and even triggers email notifications based on the results received from the web data extraction. Using to do the due diligence saves Run the Call thousands of dollars over having a team manually extract, process, and then finally act on the data. It mitigates risk for Run the Call and provides peace of mind for their customers.

Run the Call is ‘on-demand or on-your-schedule’ for attorneys – providing them the freedom and flexibility of how they want to grow their business. provides us the ability to confidently support this in a scalable, and ultimately more efficient way,” said Kris Sage, Co-Founder & Head of Product, Run the Call. “If it wasn’t for web data extraction, Run the Call would need to have a team of people pulling and processing the data with the added risks resulting from human error and a loss of speed and agility.”

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