Remi Studios: AI solutions currently available

Great list of more than 200 AI solutions. Thanks for including!


AI solutions currently available

With Artificial Intelligence being such a popular topic at the moment, there can be a lot of pressure for businesses to incorporate it into their business strategy. Often this pressure comes without explicit knowledge or direction of what A.I tools are out there at the moment. With that in mind, we decided to put together this list — hopefully you find something you can use.

These are turn-key solutions, some of which will need to be paid for.

Have fun!

The Remi Team

Data Capture

Amazon Mechanical Turk — marketplace to automate simple processes
CrowdAI — automate the discovery of objects at scale
Datalogue — automatically prepare any data for immediate & compliant use
DataSift — helps structure data from social media and blog
Diffbot — automatically extract web pages as structured data — extract data from almost any website
Playment — training data, image annotation and more for enterprise
WorkFusion — tools for operations team to automate business processes

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