Our customers want quick and easy data extraction and we’re delivering!

Import.io continuously improves ease of use, so our customers don’t have to be programmers or even technical to get data. If you need quick and easy data extraction for a market strategy, pricing or product comparisons, business reporting, big data analysis, or any use case, we strive to make it painless and fast.

Just this week, we’ve added tons of enhancements to the user interface including new tables (easier to read), tool tips, more editing options, separation of editing from viewing, simplification of the UI, the ability to tab around the screen, duplicating columns, and much more – ensuring clear direction on how to edit the data and train the extractions. Advanced features, such as scheduling an extractor to run once or ongoing, data extraction behind a login, and email notification are all available upon clicking save. Our new column headers use Machine Learning to reformat what we find and make it exactly what you’re looking for. 

Check out our new interface and let us know what you think!

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This is just the beginning! Besides ease of use features, Import.io has several big updates on the horizon. We’d love to hear your feedback on likes/dislikes and suggestions.  

Email us at hello@import.io.

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