PwC Strategy& uses to improve data analysis

PwC Strategy&PwC Strategy& is a global team of practical strategists committed to helping enterprises achieve essential advantages. Their foresight and knowledge of numerous industries as varied as high tech, finance, and consumer products is grounded in identification of key issues that clients face as well as firsthand experience gained from serving clients throughout their nearly 100-year history. PwC Strategy& uses in a variety of ways to increase the value of their service.

A sample project that PwC Strategy& used, was to enhance data analysis of account-level penetration in a consumer packaged goods (CPG) market. They leveraged the platform to scrape a variety of competitor product finders for zip codes that correspond with their client’s CPG target markets. 

Part way through the project, PwC Strategy& hit a wall as many of the websites they were looking to get data from did not create unique URLs with each query. helped PwC set up the more complex extractors, in a very expedient manner that was necessary due to the tight turnaround of the project. PwC Strategy& was then able to collect a significant amount of data, making a competitive difference for their customer.

The data that extracted added an additional layer for data analysis, allowing PwC Strategy& to identify accounts that have significant competitor presence as top-priority targets.

“ has been tremendously helpful in providing additional views for our analysis,” said Ashley, Associate, PwC Strategy&. “We find to be a cost-effective, time-saving way to get website scraping data. What sets apart from their competition, is both the level of data we are able to get and the amazing Customer Success team.”


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