PhD student researcher uses to continuously collect data

William Davies is undertaking a PhD at Anglia Ruskin University with interest in both international business economics and technology. His research is focused in Crowdfunding and he has presented it at multiple international conferences. He and his colleagues benefit from to continuously collect data for their research.

Crowdfunding, as a way of raising money for a new venture, has become big business. From a small start in 1997 it was estimated to be an industry worth more than US$34 billion in 2015. But crowdfunding is still in its infancy and – as with any tool – it can be misused so that its potential for bringing innovations to market could be hampered.

William set out to research what distinguishes successful crowdfunded projects from those that do not achieve their goal. He selected to capture all the ongoing crowdfunding projects at and transform the website into data. Kickstarter is a Crowdfunding website which raises funds for new innovations and products. Each day, William automatically pulls mass extractions of data from the web and captures the daily amount of funds and backers for every single Crowdfunding project on Kickstarter.

The design and architecture of the platform allows the extraction process to occur in the background. “I have traveled to 3 different continents and continued working on my project, which is key for the success of the project,” says William.

For William and his colleagues, the benefit of using is that they can directly collect data from the website on a continuous basis very easily without the need for writing any code. This enables William to demonstrate to other members of staff and supervisors the results and extraction process, which is vital for anyone using this type of tool for education purposes. has Give Back discounts for students, researchers, and Professors. Please click on our Standard Plans to find out more and get started using in your research or classroom.

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