Why monitor competitor pricing?

Consumers have so many choices when shopping online. How can you be certain they’ll buy on your site? Optimizing keywords for search engines, ensuring your ecommerce site is fast to load, having a great design, and offering popular merchandise are all important, but if your price is too high compared to the competition, you may still lose out. Conversely, if your price is too low, then you are leaving revenue on the table.

Whether small or large, you need to know what your competition is doing. It’s too easy for your customers to search for the same or similar products and find comparative pricing. All the beautiful images and well worded text won’t trump being overpriced. But, of course it’s a bit of a nightmare for you to look at every competitor site, every day and manually create a spreadsheet to track prices.

So, how do you determine your competitor pricing strategy? Import.io can automate this for you. Once you provide your competitor’s website and the products you need to track, our software does the rest. We can schedule your competitor pricing comparison reports to run at any interval you need, whether daily, weekly, monthly or even multiple times a day during peak shopping seasons. Once you have the data, you can determine if you want to meet or beat the competitor pricing and/or add value, such as free shipping, gift wrapping, or a bonus gift.

You’ve worked too hard on your ecommerce offering and website to lose customers based on price. Know your competition, so you can make informed decisions and keep customers coming back.

Let us send you a sample competitor pricing report. Just provide your website and on competitor website. We’ll do the rest. Click here to get a free competitive pricing report!

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