Marketing espionage with Ron Gat

Last Monday’s User Meetup included a brilliant talk by Ron Gat, Co-founder of Launchalyzer, about how he uses data for Marketing Espionage. Just like the stellar name implies, marketing espionage is about finding what successful marketers in your area are doing, taking the best ideas and incorporating them into your own strategy.

Ron Gat talking about Marketing Espionage at the first User Meetup Ron Gat talking about Marketing Espionage at the first User Meetup

The first thing you need, Ron says, is to know where people in your industry are interacting. In Ron’s case he’s looking at the Affiliate Sales industry, but the principles he mentions can be applicable in any industry.  So, he extracted all the offers and vendors from Warrior, which is a marketplace where companies go to find affiliate salespeople.

Once he had a massive list of campaigns he was able to filter it on amount of money generated and the number of offers made. Using these measures he was able to create a small list of the best affiliate sales campaigns, which he analyzed so he could reengineer their success.

This method works well for pretty much any type of Growth Hacking project. You can monitor message boards to find out what’s trending among your audience, find key influencers to interact with or, as Ron did, find the most successful campaigns to see what’s resonating in your industry.

The most important thing, Ron says, is to have an object oriented approach to using data. You should always have a solution in mind or a question you are trying to answer – it’s no good just getting data and hoping it will tell you something.

“Toilet paper is more useful than data, if you don’t have anything to do with it!”

– Ron Gat

We’d just like to thank Ron for agreeing to share his data story at our first ever Meetup Group.  We host one of these meetups every 6-weeks and we’d love for you to share your story at the next one. Join the group and send us a message.

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