Trump is winning the media mention war

Whether or not you’re a fan of “The Donald”, you can’t deny that he is everywhere! Trump is dominating both the left and right wing arms of the mainstream media at the moment with more mentions than any other presidential nominee!

According to

“Overall, when respondents are asked what outlet they turn to most often for news about government and politics, the most frequent mentions are two cable networks: CNN (named by 16%) and Fox News (14%). But wide ideological differences exist both in the sources that top the list for those on the left and right and in the degree to which there is reliance on a single source.”

To find out what this ideological split looks like in terms of covering the Presidential election, we pulled data from the last 100 articles on CNN and 290 articles on Fox about the 2016 US elections to create these awesome word clouds.

President word clouds.001

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