Lighter Capital determines marketing investments using web scraping

For Lighter Capital, using web scraping comes down to ROI and business intelligence. Lighter Capital is a Seattle-based company providing growth capital with revenue-based financing, making it easy for entrepreneurs to get the funding they need, when they need it. They use to size up the opportunity of startup conferences and ecosystems.

As a startup themselves, Lighter Capital has budget to attend and sponsor only so many events each year, and helps identify the right opportunities for marketing investment. By scraping attendee lists and startup directories, and then layering in firmographic data from other sources both scraped and purchased, Lighter Capital can get a better sense of where they should be investing time, energy, and sponsorship dollars.

“With we can begin to filter out the noise to identify the exact companies that we want to be talking to,” said Alex Walz, Head of Growth, Marketing, Lighter Capital. “ is by far the easiest web scraping tool I’ve used. It’s fast, easy, and visual, and adept at large, multi-page projects.”

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