Just in Time for the Holidays: New Features to Unpack and Enjoy

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the latest enhancements. Whether you’re a power user or new to the product, there is a lot you’ll like. This latest release offers the following:

  • New URL selection options. You can enable or disable an option for selecting URLs and having them output as columns in your result set.
  • Refreshed My Account page. When you visit your My Account page, you’ll see an enhanced design and unified views of your account and billing information.
  • Faster previews. Now, you don’t have to wait until a crawl run finishes to see a preview of the extracted data. With our latest release, you can preview data as soon as the crawl run starts and the first 20 rows of data are available.
  • New hourly scheduling capability. With this latest release, you can start scheduling your extractors on an hourly basis (in addition to the current daily, weekly and monthly options). Simply select “hourly” from the scheduler drop down list and specify which minute of the hour you want the extraction process to start. As a reminder, the time scheduled is always displayed in your local time zone.
  • Expanded extractor information. Each time you do a run, extractors are now capturing additional information, including time of execution and failed/successful URL counts. In addition, the maximum number of extractors has been expanded to 1,500.

Log in or sign up for a free trial and start checking these new features out now.

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