provides core market data for Classic & Sports Finance

Classic & Sports FinanceClassic & Sports Finance is the UK’s premier funder of classic cars and race cars. They are known across the industry for offering excellent service and sound advice to both buyers and dealers as well as providing market data and analysis and commentary to the media.

Classic & Sports Finance uses to collect auction sales data and dealer prices for certain models of classic and modern classic cars. They turn the sales data into heat maps, so they can quickly see if cars sold well or not as compared to the estimates.

The market data collected allows them to better understand classic car prices and values as well as anticipate trends within the markets. When blended with their own data, it allows them to help customers and lenders make the correct decisions when it comes to purchasing and valuing collector cars.

“This market information is a core part of our marketing – our customers and industry partners love it!” said Robert Johnson, Director of Classic & Sports Finance.

Classic & Sports Finance turned to for this task because it is easy to work with and it works well. Prior to, they gathered market data by hand, which was a huge, time consuming task.

“The thing that drew us to in the first place was ease of use and suitability for the task we required it for,” said Robert.

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