Hoteliers can easily monitor competitor pricing with Change Reports

How do you ensure that your hotel room prices are not only competitive with those in your market, but also not so low that you are leaving money on the table? You need to monitor competitor pricing, but manually monitoring every hotel website or consolidation travel site, such as Trivago®, is time consuming and resource draining. What if you could get a report emailed to you daily, showing what hotels have changed room prices for a given period of time, such as a holiday weekend or a big event in your market? Change Reports can do just that. Change Reports allows you to monitor multiple hotel pricing websites, such as Trivago® and have a report emailed to you daily. The report shows only the hotels room prices that have changed, so you don’t need to wade through those that have stayed the same. It comes directly to your in-box in both PDF and .csv spreadsheet formats.

Here’s how it works. Just search on the website you are monitoring and enter the date parameters. In this example, we are a hotel in San Jose, CA and we want to monitor hotel room prices for Labor Day weekend on Trivago. Just enter the search criteria in Trivago and then copy the resulting URL.


Enter that URL into and click Go to “run” the extractor.


Once that is done you can capture just the data you want to monitor, such as the name of the hotel, the rating, proximity to downtown San Jose, and the lowest advertised room price.



Upon saving the data, you can set up a Change Report to run hourly, daily, or weekly.



Do this for each pricing site you want to monitor for any given period of time and you’ll have easy to navigate reports showing what’s changed in order to make more informed decisions on your hotel room pricing.

monitor competitor pricing

Using to monitor competitor pricing is much easier than manually tracking and recording price changes and comparing them every day.

You can either sign up for the service and set up your reports. Or, can get this data for you. Just contact us and we can help you stay competitive in the markets you serve.

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