Are you ready for the holiday shopping season?

holiday shopping

It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday shopping season. Ensuring a top-notch shopping experience is vital, otherwise you lose customers to the competition. One of the most important factors for success is having the right prices. With so many gifts to buy, customers look for the lowest cost especially around the holidays. According to BigCommerce, price is the biggest influencing factor in sales conversion rates with 87% of American consumers shopping for the lowest price.

So, how do you price competitively? First, you need to know what your competitors are charging. It’s easy for your customers to click on different websites, checking prices on one item. It’s much harder for you to stay on top pricing for multiple items or multiple competitors.

What if there was a way to automate price monitoring on items you sell and on your competitor’s prices? Wouldn’t it be great to see when your competitors raise or lower their prices? You can do all of this with price monitoring. We provide a price comparison report showing your online prices and your competitor’s.


We also provide an hourly, daily, or weekly report showing when prices change on any given competitor’s website. The price change report is delivered to your email inbox and shows only what’s changed, so it’s easy to digest.

change report is uniquely position to get this data for you. We are the leading data extraction software with hundreds of customers using our service to get data from websites.

Give it a try! Request your free price comparison report showing your prices compared to those of a competitor.



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