The Hackett Group uses for IoT data analytics

The Hackett Group (NASDAQ: HCKT) is an intellectual property-based strategic consultancy and leading enterprise benchmarking and best practices implementation firm to global companies. The Hackett Group uses in their Best Practice Intelligence Center™ which includes the firm’s benchmarking metrics, Hackett Best Practices™ repository, and best practice configuration guides and process flows, enabling The Hackett Group’s clients and partners to achieve world-class performance.

We recently caught up with with Chuck McMurray, National Director, Big Data & Cloud Analytics at The Hackett Group for a quick interview.

How did you discover

I found on a google search when I was looking for a web extraction tool. Once I found, I started using it immediately and realized it was way more than just web extraction. I could get information that I never thought was as easy to access as it was through and I started building analytics right away.

What’s your favorite feature?

My favorite feature is the ability to change URLs very quickly and then build a list of those URLs so I can essentially model different kinds of information that is easy to find on the web, but not so easily extracted from the web. It’s a very quick and simple way to build out spreadsheets from different sources and different websites and consolidate it into one database.

How do you use

We use to create content that we use in a lot of discussions where clients are wanting to find Internet of Things or IoT data to use in their analytics. is a much faster and easier way to get to that information, share it internally, and build analytics on it.

For organizations that are looking to gather competitive pricing and product reviews, allows them to easily get that information and repeat the gathering of that information without coding. enables a larger user audience to explore, think, and learn how they can use internet information.

Extract data from almost any website