Getting images and descriptions for your online marketplace

If you sell products online, you know the importance of having up-to-date and accurate product information. For any successful ecommerce website or online marketplace, you’ll need high quality images and current product descriptions. But, you may struggle with getting what you need from manufacturers in a timely manner.

Manually copying data and images from manufacturer websites is time-consuming and not always feasible. Waiting on the manufacturer to get the images and details may take even longer and waste precious time when you could be selling products. Not having an image and description is obviously unacceptable. So, what can you do? easily gets images and descriptions along with any details you need for the products you sell, saving hours over copying and pasting and days over waiting for someone else to send the data to you.

Tutorial: getting images and descriptions for your online marketplace

Let’s say you have a hardware store or online marketplace catering to the construction industry. In order to add, for instance, Black+Decker drills to your website, you would simply follow the steps below.

First, go to the Black+Decker website page that lists the items you will be selling – in this case drills. Make sure you click on “Show All”, then copy the URL for the list page of drills.



Paste the URL into and click go to create your first extractor. structures the data, so you can capture what you need; in this case, the image, product name, and model number. You could also capture specs or anything else on these pages.



Now we have the images for every drill, but we still need the descriptions. Many websites, like this one, have the product descriptions on the detail page for each item. That’s no problem for

From the Black+Decker website, click on any drill to get to the detail page.



Just like with the list page, we capture the URL and paste it into to create a second extractor, known as the detail extractor.



With this extractor, we capture the product name, model number, and description.



Once you have your two extractors (list of drills and one drill detail page), you just link them together, so you get all of the data in one spreadsheet. In this example, we are associating the model number from the list page with the model number from the detail pages.



Once the two extractors are linked, will automatically get the descriptions from every drill on the list page.

This results in a comprehensive spreadsheet including the product name, model number and the associated description for each drill. The spreadsheet is used, along with the images, to populate your website as in the Ace Hardware example below.




Depending on how many products you sell and how often you add or remove products, can save you hundreds to thousands of hours a year while ensuring your website is up-to-date and ready for business.

Try it for yourself or Contact and we’ll help you get the data you need for your online marketplace or ecommerce website.