Feature release: New modal and bulk REST API

Things are changing around here, and we think that’s a good thing! Every new feature or product update is designed to bring you more functionality and a better user experience. This one is no different.

This latest release gives you a whole new way to access the API creation workflow and a new way to use Bulk Extract.

New Modal

The most obvious thing you’ll notice is this shiny new modal which pops up every time you click the New button.

We’ve redesigned this process to help you decide which tool is right for your data needs. Each of our tools now has a handy description so you know right away which one you should use to get exactly the data you want.

If you’re looking to pull data very quickly, Magic is the tool for you. Just give us a URL and we’ll automatically try to work out where the data is on the page.

If you want more control over the data you extract, or you want data from a trickier website, then you should check out the Extractor. Using a simple point and click interface, you define exactly the data you want from a website. Then using our API configurations like Bulk Extract (upload a list of URLs) and Chained APIs (use URLs from another Extractor) you can run your extractor on loads of pages at once.

Once you’ve got the hang of those two tools, you can move on to some of our more advanced features.

If you don’t know the URLs, but you want data from an entire website, our Crawler is the way to go. You train 5 example pages, and the Crawler will look through the entire website to find pages with similar data on them.

If you want data that requires some sort of action (like a search), then the Connector where you should head. You record and action, extract the corresponding data and then you can use that API to get fresh data every time to perform that action.

Better descriptions may help you decide which tool to use, but trying a new tool can still be challenging. That’s why we’ve also included links to helpful tutorials complete with step-by-step instructions and follow along videos.

Where did Authenticated APIs go?

You may notice that our new modal doesn’t include the option to create Authenticated Extractors or Connectors. We’ve decided to remove the option to create new Authenticated APIs while we re-think how the feature works. You can learn more about that decision here.

Bulk Rest API

We are also very excited to announce that another much-anticipated feature is now in preview. Via the Simple API Integration, import.io users have always been able to use the REST API to extract data programmatically. Previously, this integration only worked with a single URL, not with Bulk extract.

Now we have combined these two powerful features together to allow users to extract data across multiple URLs via the REST API.

If you are interested in trying this feature, please click the button below and we will send you information on how to access this preview feature.

Paginate the Magic REST API

The REST API version of Magic now includes pagination suggestions. When you call GET /store/connector/_magic (from our API docs), you will get suggestions for prev and next page URLs, so that you can make additional calls to extract data across multiple pages.

Whaddya think?

We’d love to know what you think of these new features! Go and explore how they work and then tell us about it in the comments below.