Editing your source settings

In addition to listing out all your sources, as well as being able to search, sort and filter them, your My Data page allows you to edit some of the key attributes of your data sources so that you can work with them more easily.

The first field you can edit is the Name. Changing this renames the source in all of the UI, and additionally affects which searches the source appears as a result for. Using the search box on the My Data page will query the Name property of your sources.

To edit the name, simply click on it:

Once you have modified any of these settings, you need to save the changes. To do this, click on the save icon that appears after you have made a change:

You can additionally edit the description of the source. This is not used by import.io, but allows you to add a bit of text to help you identify the source. You could use it to remind yourself what part of the page the data came from, for example:

Finally, you can add up to 10 custom labels to each of your data sources. These labels can then be filtered upon using the Labels dropdown at the top of the My Data page.

Adding a label is a case of typing it in and pressing the + icon or pressing the return key:

You can remove labels by hovering them and clicking on the trash icon that appears:

Note that you can’t remove the last label, as there always needs to be at least one per source.

If you want to filter on a specific label, then just click on it, and it will be added to your current list of filtered labels:

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