gathers data for optimizing client advertising campaigns

A global communications agency, optimizes client advertising campaigns with data and reporting from

With, the communications agency not only tracks and understands how competitors impact their banking client’s sales, but also gains insight into how property listings across the market impact the demand for home loans.

Sample product screen showing how gathers loan rate data.

Data gathered using includes:

  • competitor loan rates
  • number of property listings in a market
  • number of new property listings added each month

Over time, the agency can tell what type of properties coming on the market have the most impact on home loans and rates. Based on this comprehensive information, they adjust advertising and media campaigns to provide the highest value for their clients.

Sample Change Report showing what’s changed, added, or removed on a website hourly, daily, or weekly.

A Senior Programmatic Trader for the agency understands the value of data for optimizing campaigns and delivering value to clients. He uses to provide this market and competitor insight. “ is easy to use and integrates with our dashboard. It’s also a very reliable solution to track and understand how competition and market changes impact our client’s home loan sales.”

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