Data extraction – from technology tool to business necessity

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The internet contains an estimated 4.57 billion pages of data, making it the largest publicly accessible database in the world. Those who tap into this data get a jump on the competition. For example, a retailer that monitors competitor websites for price changes is in a much better position than retailers that don’t track online pricing. not only offers web data extraction to a structured spreadsheet, but also provides reports comparing one website’s data to another or showing what has changed on a website from day to day or even hour to hour.

Retail price competitiveness is not the only area of a business that benefits from web data. Using’s comparison and change reports:

  • Movie, music, and book producers easily track ranking changes on sites like IMBD, Spotify, and Amazon.
  • Hotels and restaurants monitor customer sentiment with a daily report pulling changes to rating on Yelp or Trip Advisor.
  • Marketing, product development, and executives track real-time product sentiment on industry blogs and adjust the business accordingly.
  • Manufacturers easily monitor minimum advertised price (MAP).
  • Retailers and manufacturers get a daily report on product ranking changes on sites such as Amazon.
  • Equity analysts in the retail sector can track retail store openings and closings.
  • Equity analysts in the real-estate sector can monitor listing changes, price increases, etc. in a daily change report. saves hundreds of hours a year that would have been spent manually finding and recording this data.

For those who want hands-on data extraction, the solution runs in the cloud, so there’s nothing to download and no software administration. For business users, provides a managed data service, sending change, data, and comparison reports daily or weekly. The new Portal makes it easy for anyone to share reports across the organization, ensuring the data is useful and fresh for everyone.

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