Create a live data viz with SAP Lumira

One of the greatest thing about the community is that they inspire each other to try new things and share fun projects. Recently, Shankar Narayanan SGS became inspired by Ronald Konijenburg’s post about getting data from the World Series of Poker and visualizing it in SAP Lumira. In it, Ron used to get data from the WSOP website and visulaiz it using SAP Lumira. But he did it with a CSV, which meant that the data was static.

Shankar realized that he could expand what Ron had done into something even more awesome by writing a Data Access Extension to get data directly from into SAP Lumira – live! So he wrote a DA that did just that:

Here’s a quick screenshot of the viz he created:

You can find out more about how he did it by reading his blog post or go straight to his GitHub account and try the script for yourself.

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