Coteries Lab relies on for fast web data extraction

CoteriesCoteries Lab specializes in UX/UI design and development services for websites, MVPs, mobile applications & chatbots. When data is needed for a customer project, Coteries relies on for efficient and fast web data extraction.

One particular customer wanted to consolidate job offers from their office park tenants. The customer, EPFL Innovation Park in Geneva, Switzerland, provides close to 200 major companies and start-ups with office space in their 13-building campus. The project requires continuous collection of job ads data from various websites for consolidation on one website in order to increase the exposure of the various job offers particularly from small start-ups.

Coteries helped EPFL Innovation Park present all job offerings in one listing and market those jobs more widely. They did this cost effectively with’s web data extraction.

“We find to be easy to use and a much quicker way to help our customers consolidate web data,” said Sébastien Flury, CEO, Coteries SA. “Our customer, EPFL Innovation Park, benefited by providing a great value-added service to their hosted companies.”

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