Combine with SAP Lumira and SAP HANA for business analytics

We always love to hear what people using get up to with the data they extract with data sources – there are more use cases than we could ever imagine, and we are constantly seeing beautiful, useful and innovative work based on our platform.

Recently we were contacted by Ronald who wanted to show us two integrations he has done using the APIs.

The first of these is to connect our real-time data sources to the SAP Lumira desktop application. Lumira is designed to allow domain experts to acquire, analyse and action the data they need without needing support from IT to achieve their goals. By using our Extractor and Download features, followed by Lumira’s import functionality, Ronald was able to analyse World Series of Poker stats and come up with some cool insights.

The next integration leveraged our real-time query APIs and Python client library to pull data in real-time from the World Series of Poker site and inject it into the SAP HANA platform. HANA is designed to provide a combination of database, processing and app platform capabilities in a single piece of infrastructure, and Ronald’s very short Python implementation is a really nice way to grab data from the web into HANA for future analysis. You can see how he did it by watching this video:

If you’ve built something cool using data sources then get in touch – e-mail the team on, or show us on Twitter!

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