ClearMetal uses to create predictive logistics for the shipping industry

ClearMetal is a Predictive Logistics company using data science to unlock unprecedented efficiencies for global trade. They are using to mine all container and shipping information in the world then feed predictions back to companies that run terminals.

We caught up with Kyle Henderson, Director of Product Management at ClearMetal for a quick interview.

How are you using

At ClearMetal we’re using to help us pull data from websites that are telling us about international shipping. We’re pulling container movement data from ocean carrier websites, freight forwarder websites, and 3PL websites. This is very valuable information to our customers. It allows us to keep a recorded history of how things are moving throughout the world, so we can create awesome predictive technologies on top of this data. 

What is the most valuable to you? has turned what would be a big engineering project and a lot of maintenance costs into an easy service that I just click on and spend half an hour a week checking.

What is your favorite feature?

My favorite feature is the JSON extraction because it gives me rich information that allows me to understand my data and extract exactly the right data I need from the total dataset.

If you didn’t have, how would you be doing this?

If I didn’t have, I would probably not be doing this project because it would be too costly. I would have to have a team of 2-3 engineers building custom data collecting mechanisms for each website and it would balloon out of price.

What is your ROI from

From a cost perspective, if I had to hire three engineers to build and run this continuously forever, I would have to spend easily 15-20 time more than I am right now. The amount I’m spending now is doable and it requires very little time to manage. The only other option would be too costly to even do it. 

Extract data from almost any website