Bubbly uses Import.io to generate leads & uncover competitive trends

Import.io is essential to Bubbly’s growth strategy.

BubblyBubbly creates pure joy, wonder and happiness with soap bubbles through entertainment, products and STEM education. Using Import.io helps make sales more predictable, by providing a generous pool of prospects ready to pour into the funnel and flatten out demand fluctuations. This means Bubbly can more carefully control growth, tweak the supply chain and ultimately help reduce their stress levels from either not enough or too many sales. Bubbly also uses Import.io to track the price-points of competitors in various marketplaces, allowing them to identify niches, pricing trends, and presentation styles.

Bubbly uses Import.io to collect two types of data. The first type is marketing research, so they can keep an eye on competitors’ pricing and research the viability of new products before launching them. The second is contact information for potential customers, which is freely available on websites. They use the lead generation data to improve market share and build their customer base to grow their business.

“We are able to get the data we need, in the format we need, and it all happens very quickly,” said Nick, COO of Bubbly. “Also, the support we have received from Import.io is second to none.”

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