helps About a Book keep their content management system accurate

About a Book needs to keep their content management system accurate with the latest book information to enable users to fulfill their reading desires.  Rather than spending time trying to come up with the next book to read, About a Book takes the guess work out of picking your next book.  This was no easy task as keeping up with new releases from thousands of publishers is a huge and daunting challenge.

About a Book found the ideal solution with Data Extraction.  As new books are released, extracts the necessary data to allow users to identify their favorite authors, books and series.  Users can also see what is coming or if they have missed any books along the way.

Users of now have complete access to the books they have read and the most popular authors’ information and allows them to keep track of what they plan to read next. uses to easily and concisely download data into Excel and then quickly imports the new and updated information into the content management system.  The point and click interface of makes it easy to extract the data without the need for any coding meaning that no technical expertise is needed.  Speed is critical as users depend on knowing which new releases from their favorite author are coming out.

The alternative to was cost prohibitive.  “ is saving us over $100,000 per annum compared to alternative solutions”, says Katherine Brock, owner of found that is extremely convenient and easy to use and if they needed help, the customer success team was always there to help.

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