Big Data Newsletter Sept. 1 2017

Feature article

How Financial Analysts can leverage web data extraction

Financial analysts have long relied on traditional sources of data, such as company filings, to track trends in the stock market and investments. But, leveraging web data extraction of non-traditional sources can put you ahead of the trends in the sectors you manage.

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How Machine Learning Enhances The Value Of Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already revolutionizing domains such as manufacturing, automobiles and healthcare. But the real value of IIoT will be realized only when Machine Learning (ML) is applied to the sensor data. This article attempts to highlight how ML augments IIoT solutions by bringing intelligent insights.

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Machine learning overview (infographic)

Machine learning brings humans and machines closer by enabling humans to “teach” machines.

Get the big picture of how machine learning works, its relationship to artificial intelligence, and where companies are putting it to work.

See the full infograph by PwC.

Are you ready for the holiday shopping season?

It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday shopping season. According to BigCommerce, price is the biggest influencing factor in sales conversion rates with 87% of American consumers shopping for the lowest price.

So, how do you price competitively? First, you need to know what your competitors are charging.

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How Machine Learning Is Reinventing the Way We Discover Music

Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and similar services are taking subtle cues from your listening habits, not only to recommend new artists but also to create personalized playlists for you with tracks you’ve likely never heard before.

To understand the technology making that possible, The Institute spoke with IEEE Member Josh Perline, a software engineer at Pandora.

Read the article on The Institute – IEEE. 

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