Big Data Newsletter July 27

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13 Ways to Use Web Scraping Tools

Consider the amount of raw data floating around the internet: webpages made up of text, images, videos, graphics, memes, infographics, and more. It’s mind-boggling when you slow down and think about it.
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Hoteliers can easily monitor competitor pricing with Change Reports

How does a hotelier ensure that hotel room prices are not only competitive with those in their market, but also not so low that they are leaving money on the table?
Find out how.

Resource/Ammirati gains insight into customer sentiment with data extraction 

The data leads to Resource/Ammirati clients gaining insights into what customers are saying about them in reviews, what they are saying about competitors, and how changes in search rank and sales traffic relate to performance.
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Key Challenges For Monetizing Big Data-Powered AI: Managing Complexity

The richer and more multifaceted your data, the more value you can extract. But you have several challenges to conquer before you can wring out every drop.
Read the article by Phani Nagarjunaon Forbes.

Big Data Experts in Big Demand

Data scientist is a mashup of traditional careers, from data analysis, economics, and statistics to computer science and others. The study of STEM subjects are tied to the fastest-growing industries, many of which lead to promising careers.
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