Big Data Newsletter August 3 2017

Feature article

9 Ways to Make Big Data Visual

Big data – while incredibly useful – is just too much to wrap our heads around. It’s mind-boggling. We want to quickly understand what it is we’re looking at and what the data is saying.

The best way to do that? Visuals. Remember: a picture is worth a thousand words.
Read the article.

Lighter Capital determines marketing investments using web scraping

For Lighter Capital, using web scraping comes down to ROI and business intelligence.
Read their story.

White Paper: Using Web Data to Power Deep Learning

This paper offers an introduction to deep learning, providing an overview of how it has evolved and its key building blocks including using web data to power deep learning.
Read the white paper.

Machine learning can identify the world’s most overpaid and underpaid soccer stars

A new computer science project from Michigan’s Lawrence Technological University uses machine learning and data science to calculate the world’s most over and underpaid players, based on skill.
Read the article by Luke Dormehl in Digital Trends.

Machines Are Developing Language Skills Inside Virtual Worlds

Devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home have brought voice-controlled technology into the mainstream, but these still only deal with simple commands. Making machines smart enough to handle a real conversation remains a very tough challenge. And it may be difficult to achieve without some grounding in the way the physical world works.
Read the article by Edd Gent in MIT Technology Review.

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