Big Data News Sept. 27 2017

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Data extraction – from technology tool to business necessity

The internet contains an estimated 4.57 billion pages of data, making it the largest publicly accessible database in the world. Those who tap into this data get a jump on the competition. not only offers web data extraction to a structured spreadsheet, but also provides reports comparing one website’s data to another or showing what has changed on a website from day to day or even hour to hour.

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A History of Artificial Intelligence in 10 Landmarks

Compressing all of artificial intelligence (AI) into 10 “moments to remember” isn’t easy. With hundreds of research labs and thousands of computer scientists, compiling a list of every landmark achievement would be, well, a job for a smart algorithm to handle.

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5 Big Data Trends Entrepreneurs Should Know

The past few years have seen the rise of Big Data. A quick Google search will show you thousands of articles discussing which industries will be disrupted by big data next.

Here’s a look at some of the key Big Data trends entrepreneurs need to be aware of today.

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Will big data change how you use social media?

Big data is undoubtedly going to be a major point of focus in the coming years. Big data and social media are a match made in heaven for companies but what does that mean for the average consumer?

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6 data analytics success stories: An inside look

CIOs are embracing data analytics to fuel efficiency and growth, but not every effort produces results. Here’s how leading CIOs are successfully tapping data analytics and machine learning to boost revenues or cut costs.

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