Big Data News Oct. 5 2017


Feature article

How to Leverage Data Extraction in Research

Gathering big data for research reports is time consuming and resource draining. Fortunately, the right tools can help organize and speed up the process so tedious research and data entry tasks are streamlined. Data extraction software gets the data you need in a structured format to quickly synthesize the information into usable equity reports.

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21 Competitor Analysis Tools for Social Media

Spying on the competition is so expected there is a range of competitor analysis tools for brands to use. Which tool is best for you? Here’s a list from NetBase to find one that suits your goals and budget.

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9 Ways to Make Big Data Visual

There’s an oft-repeated “statistic” that states we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Here are some good starting points if you’re wondering how to best display your data.

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7 Essential AI Terms: What Do They Mean?

If you are new to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science, then you know that the terminology can be vague and confusing.

Here are seven essential AI definitions in non-technical terms.

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Signals You Can’t See: How Analytics Is Altering The Retail Experience

Analysis and predictive tools shape a shopper’s experience in ways that few can see. And they are quickly becoming the key to retail’s future.

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