Big Data News Oct. 18 2017

Feature article increases speed and scalability with React increases speed and ease of use by reducing time to data and simplifying the customer experience. Recently, standardized the user interface and dashboard on React and users are seeing up to a 50% improvement in responsiveness. is committed to reducing time to data and simplifying the customer experience. Incorporating the latest performance-technology is just one step has taken to ensure that customers can download web data faster than ever.

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Monitor song & movie rankings with change reporting

Media business analysts need to know when their assets have changed ranking positions in order to predict revenue. This requires continuously understanding and reporting on how artists, albums, songs, or movies are doing across multiple charts. With change reporting, they can do this easily.

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In the Next Wave Of Innovation, Big Data Is Your Competitive Advantage

Due to the growing demand, good data is becoming a valuable commodity, like oil in the 20th century, and companies are beginning to compete for the most lucrative reserves. In order to understand why data is important for your business, you must first understand the five reasons if gives you a competitive advantage.

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3 ways machine learning is revolutionizing IoT

Few things have propelled the IoT’s dizzying growth in recent years as much as machine learning and the innovators who are pushing it. So what are the top three ways in which machine learning has and will shape the IoT?

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The impact of big data on banking and financial system

Today, most banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) organizations are working hard to adopt a fully data-driven approach to grow their businesses and enhance the services they provide to customers. Like most other industries, analytics will be a critical game changer for those in the financial sector.

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