Big Data News Nov. 7 2017

Feature article

Data Mining vs. Machine Learning: What’s The Difference?

Both data mining and machine learning are rooted in data science. They often intersect or are confused with each other, but there are a few key distinctions between the two. Here’s a look at some of the differences between data mining and machine learning and how they can be used.

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The Machine Learning Era Has Arrived

A new survey from ServiceNow questioned 500 CIOs across 11 countries and 25 industries, providing a broad brush on the opinions of machine learning (ML). Read about some of the more interesting findings from the survey.

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All the Best Big Data Tools and How to Use Them

There are thousands of Big Data tools out there, all of them promising to save you time, money and help you uncover never-before-seen business insights. We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite data tools in the areas of extraction, storage, cleaning, mining, visualizing, analyzing and integrating.

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