Big Data News Nov. 21, 2017


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Tutorial: Getting alternative data for research

Data is the basis for all sound research models. Alternative data along with traditional data ensures a complete picture and allows modeling of future events. Alternative data includes information that is publicly available on the internet, but often difficult to get in a structured, easy to digest format.

In this example, we are using the platform to get consumer sentiment from

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Tips for organizing your Excel spreadsheets and creating reports in Google Sheets

If you analyze information on a daily basis, you probably need to consolidate data from multiple sources. In this post, we’ll cover some best practices to organize your data spreadsheets for integration with Google Sheets and automate some of your analysis and reporting.

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How Machine Learning Can Maximize The Success Of Marketing Campaigns

The impact machine learning could have on marketing is humongous. From freeing up a marketing team’s time to solving problems that marketers never knew existed, machine learning is doing it already. Here are a few ways machine learning is impacting the marketing space.

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