Big Data News Dec. 12 2017

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Best Practices for Monitoring Retail Prices and Enforcing MAP

Minimum advertised price (MAP) policies have been around since the early 1900s. However, they’ve perhaps never been more relevant and useful than they are today.

That’s because we live in a world of instant price comparison. Shoppers can get pricing on a product from multiple online sellers with just a few clicks.

Without some type of price floor in place, however, retailers and manufacturers are likely to find themselves in an ugly price war.

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Monitor retail pricing with

In this post, we’ll show you one way that helps manufacturers keep track of product pricing to ensure compliance with MAP.

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The Big Idea Behind Big Data

As we find our way in a world shaped by Big Data, it’s not the reams of information we gather, but the networks they illuminate that are the newest addition to science’s index of things. That is what makes networks the big idea behind Big Data.

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