Yay, it’s back to school!

back to school

To kids, “back to school” doesn’t sound so good; summer is ending and school is approaching. But to retail professionals, back to school is something to celebrate. The back-to-school season has become one of the biggest shopping times of the year. According to data and research firm eMarketer, US consumers will spend more than $857 billion shopping for back-to-school products in 2017, which is about 17% of retail sales for the year.


It’s not just notebooks and crayons that are in high demand. Purchases increase for obvious products, such as backpacks and computers, and some less obvious including eyewear, sneakers, and musical instruments.

Unlike Christmas shopping, which goes on for months, back to school is relatively short, lasting only a few weeks. So, how do you capture a piece of the $857 billion in spending? One way to ensure shoppers buy on your site is competitive pricing, but you must know your competitor’s price. Of course, it’s time consuming to scroll through multiple competitor’s websites tracking price increases and decreases.

Import.io automates price change monitoring on as many competitors as you need. You receive an hourly report on exactly what prices have changed and what products have been removed or added to a website.

For example, backpacks are a hot item for back to school. To make sure your backpacks are competitively priced, you can set up price change reports on multiple competitor websites.

All you do is navigate to your competitor’s website page with backpacks, capture the URL and paste it into the Import.io dashboard, then click Go.

Once this is done, you can create columns for each bit of data you want to track including item name, item number, and price.

back to school

Then, set up an hourly change report.

One hour later, you will get your firsts report, showing prices that have changed and items that have been added or removed. It’s delivered right to your email box.

You can do this for all items and websites you would like to track to stay competitive during the lucrative back to school season.

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