Implementing AWS at scale

The Event

On Tuesday, our Developer Experience Engineer, Chris Alexander, took an in-depth look at services available on the AWS cloud, so I made sure to tag along to watch the big show. The event was hosted at Skills Matter alongside the meetup group LJC: London Java Community. The audience of around 100 people were treated to an evening of: Details of using AWS to scale, and tips and tricks based around infrastructure and platform as a service. #LoveLearning.

The presentation

Chris kicked off the night by explaining how infrastructure and platform as a service (IaaS / PaaS) are rapidly growing as means to provide highly available, fault tolerant and hugely scalable applications. With an hour and a half presentation time, he managed to take an in-depth look at services available on the AWS cloud, along with strategies, best practices, code examples and demos that allow you to successfully deploy, maintain and monitor mission critical applications on AWS.  

Chris discussed how you should aim to design your architecture and application with the cloud in mind. He even managed to sneak in little-known perks of EC2! Security and AWS cloud networking; data storage and distribution; messaging and monitoring were also discussed. The ability to handle large amounts of AWS resources and templating architecture was also a hot topic.

The presentation was brilliant, with some witty moments that had the audience chuckling as he discussed his past experiences – dark times included! I particularly enjoyed the end when he launched into a discussion about CloudFormation – his favourite feature on AWS that had him smiling ear-to-ear!

You can watch the whole thing on AWS’s website!

Who we met

An event is never complete without the mandatory drinks and nibbles. We headed to the pub next door, where had put a tab behind the bar, and enjoyed some lively conversation and delicious pizza.

Thank you note

Thanks to everyone who came along to the event, and don’t worry, if you missed it you can scroll through Chris’s awesome slide deck! Any questions, send an email over to and Chris will get in touch.

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