adds automated list page updates for scheduled linked extractions

Most websites are organized around a hierarchy of data that involves lists and detail pages, where the former can be a list of products and each of those is linked to a detail page with further information about it. For instance, if you need data and images from a manufacturing product website, you would start with a product list page and then drill-down to detail pages showing more information on each specific product. has always provided data collection from both types of pages, allowing the user to define a hierarchy of data between list and detail pages. But, prior to list and detail page linking, scheduling data collection to run at intervals did not always provide complete results when something changed on the list page.

Now, with list and detail page linking, the information from the list page is automatically updated prior to collecting data from the detail pages. Automatic page linking provides up-to-date web data, which can be scheduled to be collected and downloaded hourly, daily, monthly or at whatever interval you need, always getting the latest information for both your list and detail pages.

List and Detail Page Linking Example

Our customer RepZio uses automatic page linking to continuously pull images and descriptions from manufacturers websites to populate their mobile, online marketplace. Check out the short video to see how RepZio does it.

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