Ryan McNally

Ryan McNally

Ryan works with existing and potential customers to help them access data from various websites to enable their projects.

Data visualization on differing tastes in beer across the US

Recently, I worked with an Import.io customer to extract market data about small craft breweries, which got me wondering about the diversity of beers across the United States and which types of beer were most popular. Living in the Bay Area, I’m lucky to get exposed to a wide variety of beers, but I was […]

Gartner data analytics

5 Takeaways from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Import.io exhibited at the Gartner Data & Analytics conference this week in Grapevine, TX as part of the British Consulate’s booth. After talking with attendees in data analytics roles and other vendors, I came away with several thoughts on data industry trends. Data analytics is about telling stories and forming predictions More organizations are starting […]