Gary Read

Gary Read

Helping an incredible team of people to build a truly transformative company by enabling an easy way to create structured data from anything that is on the web. Previously founder & CEO at Nimsoft and CEO at Boundary.
financial analysts

How Financial Analysts can leverage web data extraction

Financial analysts have long relied on traditional sources of data, such as company filings, to track trends in the stock market and investments. But, leveraging web data extraction of non-traditional sources can put you ahead of the trends in the sectors you manage. While anyone can leverage readily-available information on the web, it’s tedious to […]

ecommerce web scraping

8 Ways Non-Technical Store Owners Can Leverage Ecommerce Web Scraping

According to the National Retail Federation, online retail will grow 8 to 12% in 2017, up to three times higher than the growth rate of the industry overall. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar retail is only expected to grow by 2.8%, slower than the average rate of growth for the overall industry. This is good news for ecommerce […]

How Any Ecommerce Store Can Leverage Big Data

Small ecommerce businesses may have the impression that big data is only for major industry players with multi-million dollar budgets. Think Amazon, with its recent acquisition of Whole Foods that created new opportunities to use big data to target savvy shoppers looking for a revolutionized e-grocery store experience. There aren’t many Amazons out there with […]

web data

Eliminating Barriers to Getting Web Data

When we started work on, we were focused on addressing a key problem: The people who needed access to web data weren’t able to get it. Historically, if you were a business user and needed to gather web data, you would have to embark on a significant endeavor, including finding and hiring development resources, defining scope, […]

easy data extraction

Our customers want quick and easy data extraction and we’re delivering! continuously improves ease of use, so our customers don’t have to be programmers or even technical to get data. If you need quick and easy data extraction for a market strategy, pricing or product comparisons, business reporting, big data analysis, or any use case, we strive to make it painless and fast. Just this […]

Customers buy quickly or not at all

A few weeks ago I decided to do some simple analysis of our deal flow at In order to do this I pulled our data out of and did some simple manipulation in Excel. I wanted to see the % chances of deals being won versus lost and how long it took. But, […]

price monitor

How to Create a Competitor Price Monitoring Strategy

In real estate, the three most important elements are location, location, location. In e-commerce, it could very well be price, price, price. The product has to be decent, and the tide is slowing turning to put more emphasis on the overall user experience (some experts predict that it will exceed both price and product as […]

web scraping

13 Ways to Use Web Scraping Tools

Consider the amount of raw data floating around the internet: webpages made up of text, images, videos, graphics, memes, infographics, and more. It’s mind-boggling when you slow down and think about it. The latest estimate puts the total number of websites at roughly one billion, with new ones added and old ones disappearing all the […]

5 Industries Machine Learning is Disrupting

We talk about artificial intelligence (AI), robots, and machine learning as if they’re coming soon, or are just some tech pipe dream. They’re not. They’re here today. In fact, a special report from Bank of America, Merrill Lynch predicts the global market for AI and robots will be just under $153 billion by 2020, and […]

Advanced Scheduling

New advanced features from!

Extract data behind a login, advanced scheduling options, public APIs and new flexible pricing options continues to set the standard for data extraction by adding multiple new capabilities that are immediately available. Authenticated extraction allows customers to extract data that is only available after logging into a website. You provide the appropriate […]

Just in Time for the Holidays: New Features to Unpack and Enjoy

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the latest enhancements. Whether you’re a power user or new to the product, there is a lot you’ll like. This latest release offers the following: New URL selection options. You can enable or disable an option for selecting URLs and having them output as columns in your result set. […]