APIs as Art

Yesterday, Google launched a rather unusual new project called DevArt. In conjunction with the Barbican, Google is leveraging the creativity of developers to build some fantastic art, which will be exhibited at the Barbican along with the work of some commissioned artists in their Digital Revolution exhibition. 

The competition gives dev artists a huge amount of freedom when deciding what medium to use for their project. Take your pick from any one of the many creative software and hardware products currently available – like one of the recently developed, cheap hardware products such as Kinect and Raspberry Pi, or the latest generation high-power graphics cards. The only restriction is you have to use one Google technology – but it’s not like the list is short. You could choose to use one of their new languages (Go or Dart); or you could use one of their platforms such as Chrome, Android, or their cloud offerings; or even choose from the gigantic list of Google APIs.

Personally, I am really interested to see how data and APIs play a part in the entries that people make. In the past few years, there has been a surge in how data is used in organisations, and this has already begun to permeate into some art installations and exhibitions. With the range of APIs, technologies and platforms on offer, I’m hoping this competition will provide some really inspiring uses of data and artistic creations that take on a life of their own.

I may even submit an entry of my own…

A Dev Artist in the making? A Dev Artist in the making?

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