An webinar: Christmas special

This latest webinar is another classic, but always popular, Getting Started. But instead of crawling for jeans on Asos (you regulars will know what I’m on about), I thought I’d take inspiration from the impending holiday season and make it a bit more festive!

Nothing says Christmas to me more than jumpers and delicious food, so that’s what I’ll be focusing on…apologies in advance for making you hungry :-).

API from URL 2.0 (Extractor)

Despite it’s super catchy name, this is our newest in app workflow. It’s pretty good at picking up the data you want with very minimal training. Usually all you need to do is click on one piece of data and it will figure out the rest of the rows!

And in no time, I’ve got an API with loads of tasty looking Christmas cocktails. Here it is!


A crawler is useful for when you have lots and lots of pages that you want data from. Once you’ve trained the crawler on five pages, it will go to every page of the site and look for data that matches. Using this method we can get allll the Christmas recipes from Food Network in one go.

If you think the crawler is for you, I encourage you to watch my advanced crawling webinar as it will help you make your crawlers super efficient. Here’s the crawler.

API from Automation (Connector)

Connectors are, in my opinion, the most fun tools to use at import. They let you record an action on the page to access your data. For example I can record myself doing a search for Christmas jumpers on Asos to bring up a search results page that I can extract as data.

Once I’ve trained my connector, I can put in a different search term from the data set page and it will automatically put that search term into the site and return the page as data.

That’s pretty cool, but the really neat thing is that if I also had connectors to say Tophsop and River Island (which I do) I can combine them with the one from Asos into a mix. Then I can put in one search for Christmas jumpers and get data from all three sites at once!

Here’s the mix.

Join us next time

We’ll be continuing the Christmas theme next time when co-founder and data master, Andrew Fogg, will be here to show you his analysis on what makes the ultimate Christmas jumper!

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