Actual Growth Hacks: Lead Hacking with Google and

Written by Shadi Allababidi Paterson for Startup Grind

Inside: A step-by-step tutorial to scrape 5000 highly targeted email addresses within an hour.

You in?

Fantastic, let’s do this.

If you enjoyed our latest post on Lead hacking, “Lead Hacking with LinkedIN and’, then you’re going to love this. If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy it thus far, then I highly recommend you enjoying it rightttt about now.

So how can we use the power of Google to get great leads for our business?


Google is obviously incredibly powerful, but most people don’t know just how powerful it can be.

There are many built-in search operators which we can take advantage of.

We’re going to use them to get up to some mischief.

  1. The site operator “” which will allow us to target results on a specific domain.
  2. The page search operator. Simply “ ‘My search’ “. This will allow us to search for any text on a given page.
  3. The Title operator. “ intitle:Targeted Title” This let’s us search for specific page Titles.

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