10 keynote talks on data and business that you need to watch

In recent years more than ever before, if you’re not paying attention to the data, you’re missing out on opportunities that can help you grow your business. Data is everywhere. The businesses that will survive and thrive over the next few decades (and long into the future) are the ones that are committed to capturing, learning from, and making changes based on data.

If you haven’t jumped on the data train yet, you’ve landed on the right post. We’ve collected 10 of our favorite talks on data and business that are worth watching if you’re at all interested in learning more about the impact and importance of data in business and the world.

To become as obsessed with data as we are, and to start understanding how to use data to grow your business, we encourage you to spend some time watching one, two, or all of the videos in our list:

1. David Spiegelhater, ‘Sex By Numbers’, Extract 2015:

2. Kenneth Cukier, ‘Big Data is Better’: TED talk, 2014

In this video, data editor Kenneth Cukier discusses what’s next for big data-driven technology and design.

3. Andrew Fogg, ‘Sex, drugs and data’: UK DDP Redux, Extract 2014

In this video, our very own Andrew Fogg offers a compelling presentation on the relationship between data and the sex and drug industry.

4. Aaron Koblin, ‘Visualizing Ourselves…With Crowdsourced Data

In this video, artist Aaron Koblin takes impressively complex data sets and turns them into stunning visualizations.

5. Barack Obama & DJ Patil, Strata + Hadoop World 2015

In this video, Dr. DJ Patil discusses where the field of data science is going, and what impacts it will have on business, our lives, and the world.

6. Rob Symes, ‘Politics, Prediction & The Art of Persuasion,’ Extract 2015

7. Amy Webb, ‘How I Hacked Online Dating’: TED talk, 2013

In this video, Amy Webb discusses how she used data science to hack the often frustrating world of online dating.

8. Samantha Mandel-Dallal, ‘Spotify Data: A Treasure Trove For The Music Industry’, Extract 2015

9. David McCandless, ‘The Beauty of Data Visualization’: TED talk, 2010

In this video, David McCandless turns data sets into simple diagrams that illustrate unseen patterns and connections.

10. Susan Etlinger, ‘What Do We Do With All This Big Data?’: TED talk, 2014

In this video, Susan Etlinger explains the importance of and need to deepen our critical thinking skills as we receive more and more data. Watch the video to learn why:

Is there another video you think should have made our list? Leave a comment below with the link!