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Hello world

Want to do a quick experiment with the platform? Paste this URL into your browser.

Later, you will need to signup for a free API key of your own

Simple integrations provides simple API integration access to all of our services and features so you can build on our platform.

We provide a RESTful API designed to have resource-oriented URLs and to use HTTP status codes to indicate API status.

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Any language

Because is a RESTful service, you can access it using any language you please. All you need is a free account so you have your own User GUID and API key.

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Automated APIs

(Automated extractors)

The power of our A.I. and algorithm driven automatic data extraction routines are available via API

Give the API an input URL and it will figure out what data is available from that page and deliver it to you as JSON.

APIs for Extractors

(Point and click extractors)

You can manually create data feeds using our app and then access those feeds via an API.

Once you build an Extractor, you can use it over the API to query that feed for live data.

Help every step of the way

Whether you use our growing API documentation or our comprehensive knowledge base, we’re here to help every step of the way. Still stuck? Get in touch with our helpful community.

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