Office Hours | with Customer Success

Every Tuesday at 8am PST (11am EST, 4pm London)

Every Tuesday, one of our customer success leaders will be on hand to give a demonstration of functionality and answer any questions that you may have.


Check out our short video tutorials

(1) Getting started with

Learn how to create your first API and extract data from the web using’s free tools

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(2) Getting data from multiple list pages

A visual demonstration of how to use the URL generator in order to create a list of URLs for a website

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(3) How to deal with infinite scroll

A tutorial showing how to pull data from a website that uses infinite scroll or load more button

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(4) Getting detail pages underlying a top level list

Extract data from an entire website in 3 steps using the chain feature

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(5) Integrating with Google Sheets

Use to monitor all your favorite social media sites from within Google Sheets

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(6) Using Tableau with

Tutorial showing you how to transform a web page listing into a visualization using Tableau

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(7) Gather data using simple Xpaths

Use to gather data using simple Xpaths for an easy way to inspect a page and train an extractor

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More advanced video tutorials

(8) Get data from behind a login

If you need data from a password protected website and you have a valid login, can extract it to a spreadsheet.

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(9) Build an app with – advanced feature

In this video, we build a web application to rank college basketball programs as an example.

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Get list and detail page data with automatic page linking

See how RepZio gets web data for their online, mobile marketplace with automatic page linking.

View on YouTube Office Hours 10/10/2017

See in action with a 23 minute demonstration of web data extraction during our weekly Office Hours.

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View our our recorded webinars

Webinar | Using web data to power your AI project discusses the keys to successfully leveraging web data to fuel Artificial Intelligence.

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Webinar | webinar new features Jan 2017

An overview of new features including: Authentication behind the login, Advanced Extractor Scheduling, Public APIs, and new Flex pricing plans.

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Read these articles for a quick feature walk through

Article Tutorial: Getting alternative data for research

In this example, we’ll get customer sentiment ratings from


Article Tutorial: Monitoring competitor pricing

In this example, we monitor hotel pricing websites.