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What is Import.io?

Import.io is a platform that allows people to quickly turn data into action. Our app removes the barriers of extracting data from the web by removing the need to write custom code. By making data extract easier, we allow builders to focus on utilizing the data for their projects.

What is it used for?

Import.io’s is used for everything from personal data projects to app creation, data journalism, database population and much more. Our users include designers, developers, journalists and analysts keen to start experimenting with new and exciting ideas.

We have customers from some of the world’s most iconic brands using our tool to collect data for critical business decisions.

Essentially, we are a tool for anyone who wants data from the web. Your use of that data is only limited by your imagination!

Is my data public or private?

The APIs you create on import.io are private. They are not visible to other users and they do not appear in other users’ searches. You can, however, share your APIs and collaborate with other users on cool projects by sending them the URL or GUID.

How often can I refresh my data?

As often as you want. We do remind you to be a good internet citizen and respect the sites you are pulling data from. For more information on best data extraction practices, see our guide.

How does the Import.io platform identify itself?

Import.io is developed to have the smallest possible memory footprint and require minimal processor time consumption from the web servers that it visits. Import.io creates very small load on the web servers that it visits. Read more 

How do I stop people using your tool on my site?

Import.io is a platform that helps people translate data from one format into another – programmatically. Because like many other ISPs we don’t store any of the data our users are extracting, it is impossible for us to actively monitor what they are doing. As such, it is the sole responsibility of anyone using our tools to ensure that they abide by the Terms and Conditions of the websites they are pulling data from.

If you’re concerned that someone has been using our tool to abuse your site, please email abuse@import.io and we will work with you to find a solution.

Can I get data from behind a login?

Yes, on all paid plans (apart from personal/project) we support extracting data from behind a login.

What if the website changes after I have created an API to it?

Import.io is self-healing. This means that if there are any small changes to the website, we will automatically fix it, and you will continue to get data. If the website undergoes a complete design overhaul you may need to go back and retrain your API to get the data you want.

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