Doing good with data was founded on the principle that the sharing of data makes the world a better place. We believe in doing good with data, so we offer these plans to students and educators at minimum cost.

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A few of our education customers

data science

Assignment turns data science student into fan

Michael Wheeler is a Candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Data Science at Northeastern University in Evanston, Illinois. As part of an assignment, he was required to use in the following way:

  1. Choose a website to get data.
  2. Set up an extractor using
  3. Run the extractor and import the data into R using the API or structured file.
  4. Analyze the data.

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Anglia Ruskin University

William Davies is undertaking a PhD at Anglia Ruskin University with interest in both international business economics and technology. His research is focused in Crowdfunding and he has presented it at multiple international conferences. He and his colleagues benefit from to continuously collect data for their research.
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