2022 Digital Shelf Insights for Brands - Report

  • The importance of digital shelf insights for brands
  • Why insights into online brand positioning is key, and the under-used data on product pages
  • How customer sentiment is guiding brands, and the missed gold mine for customer feedback
  • The critical importance of optimizing share of search, and the neglected insight to improve product discovery
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Win the digital shelf

Understanding the digital shelf is essential for a brand to win in the eCommerce space.


For the past decade, Import.io has been supplying the data to build cutting-edge digital shelf insights for the largest brands, retailers, and their insight providers. Increasingly, we see three main areas where brands are demanding greater insight – all of which are areas where the eCommerce data itself is being underutilized.

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As eCommerce accelerates, brands will demand more insight

As ecommerce continues to accelerate, brands and manufacturers will need faster and more detailed insight into the digital shelf to win online.


The challenge is that collecting this data internally means building an inhouse web scraping team which is expensive, time consuming and painful – often taking more time and resource than analyzing the data for insights.

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