Webinar - 22 September

2022 Digital Shelf Trends: Ecommerece Overlooked insights

Attend our webinar to learn about the latest digital shelf insight trends and the areas to get this data.

  • How the rapid growth of ecommerce is creating a greater demand for ecommerce insights, as well as an explosion of data to build these insights
  • The factors impacting a product’s discoverability on the digital shelf
  • Why it’s important to understand brand comparisons online to win the digital shelf
  • The overlooked area for building customer feedback insights: Q&A data
  • Why geolocation is becoming more important for insights into availability and delivery


Our experts will share their thoughts on the latest ecommerce website trends and discuss the insights we often see companies overlook.

You can hear from:

Andrew Fogg

Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer, Import.io

Since co-founding Import.io, Andrew has spent over 8 years analyzing ecommerce web data and understanding how it can be used.

Richard Kingston

Director of Customer Success, Import.io

Having previously worked at Ascential as Director of eCommerce Data collection, Richard has extensive experience extracting and understanding digital shelf web data.