The data needed to Understand Digital shelf

Understanding digital shelf is important to optimise and scale ecommerce you can download a digital shelf data overview below.

Data Overview

Dive into the data to drive results

As the leading eCommerce web data partner, we provide the digital shelf data that the world’s leading brands, retailers and analytics companies use to gain a competitive edge. With you gain a data partner who has the expertise and ability to provide eCommerce web data reliably at scale. Offering a fully managed service, we act as an extension of your team to help you grow your business. To explore the Digital Shelf data we can deliver, download an overview of our data.

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2022 Digital Shelf Insights Report

  • The importance of digital shelf insights for brands
  • Why insights into online brand positioning is key, and the under-used data on product pages
  • How customer sentiment is guiding brands, and the missed gold mine for customer feedback
  • The critical importance of optimizing share of search, and the neglected insight to improve product discovery

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The data to own a brand’s presence online

  • Why content consistency is so important, and the data to monitor to ensure content integrity
  • The different pricing data to track to spot MAP violations
  • The importance of understanding how brands are being compared online to protect their image
  • How to use web data to identify counterfeits, gray goods, and dupes

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